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Welcome to Frog's Homepage

Hi,my name is Justin Feldman,i am 14 years old.
I am in 8th grade,i play basketball for the varsity team and I
also run track.I started as a guard on the basketball team.
My life basically revolves around sports and friends and a
couple of vidoe games.RPG's.I love RPG's and my favorite is
Chrono trigger,that is the reason that this page is dedicated
to it.My favorite Chrono character is you can see..
i also like war craft2 and any other SNES or NIN64 cool game.
If you have information on any of these send it to me.I would
really appreciate it.My favorite band is the Beatles and I
like alot of 60's music,i also like biggie and most 
 alternative stuff now.I wear jnco pants and alot of
nike stuff.Michigan wolverines are my favorite basketball 
team.Well i guess thats it for now...

These are my VP friends..

*Strider(also my cousin..he lives about 15 min from me
*tuxedo kamen
*minnie may 
*dragonmaster cale
*sailors..merc and venus
*the idiot
*I cant remember everyone so if you view my page and I
forgot you let me know and i will add you!!

                I would appreciate any feedback i could get on
anything.Any suggestions about my page or if you want me to post
a link or some information for you I will be glad to do so.
Please send me anything you can on Chrono,pics,pages,hints,
anything.The same with War craft2 and any other RPG or NIN64
game.I also would like one question answered,is there anyway
to beat Rick Bruiser in Super Punchout?Email me at this address
with anything you want,, Thank you..


pictures of me: The man behind the green,this is what i really look like
rpg stuff: take a look this is pretty cool..lot of good linx
chrono trigger bosses: definatly dont miss this chrono page
very good walkthrough: chrono fans your search is done..for every rpg
anime hang out page: tuxedo masks anime page
virtual places downloads all three: vp1, 2 and 2.1
chrono trigger page: yet another great chrono page
brats place: a cool vp homepage
lycos: do a web search
classic rock: all the great music of the 60's right here..on midis
chrono : another good chrono page
homepage: this page rules or it wouldnt be in my links
azeenders homepage: my cousins hompage..rpg oriented
concrete work: need any concrete work done? take a look!!
basketball: my old page..dont even bother

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